Our Nutrition Programs

Alltech Lienert provides a range of nutrition programs to farmers, integrators, consultants and rural merchandise stores that are tailored to a range of farming systems and businesses. Our experienced sales team and talented nutritionists provide technical information and support to all sectors of the animal nutrition industry, and will work closely with industry consultants to establish the best approach for you.

Customised formulations to match the genetics, sex, weight ranges and market aim of the stock are employed as well as focusing on the facilities, health status and production system particular to individual operations. It involves fine-tuning based on production feedback, seasonal conditions and variation in the nutritional composition of the feedstuffs employed.

For more than 35 years Alltech has been seen as a leader in nutritional innovation and committed to delivering practical solutions based on cutting edge research and as part of the organisation, Alltech Lienert Australia is able to bring you the latest in modern herd management.

If you would like to know more about how Alltech Lienert can help you achieve the best in your business, please explore

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