KEENAN Controller


The KEENAN Controller is synced with the InTouch feed management platform. This allowed farmers to easily measure, monitor and manage feed accuracy and efficiency. It also provides farmers with information on herd performance, feed costs, dry matter intake and refusals.

KEENAN Controller:

  • Gives clear instructions on order and weight of ingredients
  • Leads to a maximized ration quality and consistency

Instant Revolutions and AutoStop

  • Prevents over or under mixing of feed ingredients
  • Ensures a consistent Total Mixed Ration (TMR) in every load
  • Delivers a balanced ration with every bite of feed

Automated Data Sharing

  • Ability to send ration changes straight from the InTouch feed management platform directly to the farmer
  • Simplifies communication between the farmer, employees and trusted advisors
  • Reduces time delays/labour in implementing ration changes

InTouch Platform – A Real Time Performance Measuring & Support Service

  • Monitors exact inclusion ration of ration ingredients
  • Audits KEENAN feeder performance
  • Measures daily feed efficiency and over 20+ KPIs
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