KEENAN Used Machines


With a second-hand or refurbished KEENAN, you are investing in a machine of superior build quality. Refurbished machines are re-lined, shot-blasted and painted. Some may have heavy duty top knifes and body blades fitted. Below are the current diet feeders that we have in stock.

Used Machines in Stock
  • MechFiber365 used photo 2
  • MechFiber365 used photo 1
  • MechFiber365 used photo 3
  • MechFiber365 used photo 4

KEENAN MechFiber365 20m3 machine (YOM 2019) with a 3.5m elevator attached. As new and ready to go for $115,000 + GST today.

  • Vertical Auger used photo 3
  • Vertical Auger used photo 1
  • Vertical Auger used photo 2
  • A KEENAN VA2-24L with elevator

The Keenan Vertical Auger VA2-24L (24m3 YOM 2019) available with or without the 4.5m elevator attached. Fully serviced with new blades ready to go for $110,000 + GST (without elevator)

  • KEENAN-Balehandler-200-image-3-of-3
  • KEENAN-Balehandler-200-image-1-of-3

Fully refurbished KEENAN Balehandler 200 (20m3) machine including a new floor. As new and ready to go for $65,000 + GST today

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