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KEENAN Australia – The Result is in the Mix

Established in 1978 and a member of the Alltech family of companies since April 2016, KEENAN is a respected leader in sustainable and profitable farming solutions, focused on maximising feed efficiency. Over the course of more than four decades in business, KEENAN has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality diet feeders, delivering unparalleled results on farms all over the world. KEENAN machines are unique in the proven nutritional benefits they deliver, and each machine is engineered to use a gentle mixing action to produce an evenly, thoroughly mixed, light and fluffy ration. Combined with the technology of the KEENAN Controller weighbox – synced with the InTouch feed management platform – it allows farmers to easily measure, monitor and control all aspects of your livestock’s diet.

No matter the operation, it is crucial that producers choose a machine which has the appropriate machine specification for their farm business. Now being part of the Alltech Lienert business in Australia, the KEENAN range and specifications have been revised and improved to better suit the needs of our unique market.

Being part of the Alltech family also means we can provide added benefits to our customers by giving access to innovative nutritional products and programs developed through cutting edge, peer reviewed research and trial work within the industry, including the Blueprint Nutrition Program and Alltech E-CO2 environmental assessments.

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