Blueprint® Nutrition Program

Designed to optimise the genetic potential. The Blueprint program strengthens Alltech Lienert’s commitment to helping producers identify ways to improve efficiency and optimise genetic performance. This unique program allows Alltech Lienert to work closely with producers to target issues and make feeding program recommendations based on farm analyses and nutritional assessments.

The new science behind Blueprint includes technologies that let us look at nutrition from the inside. To have a better understanding of interactions that fuel growth, immune defence, and reproductive function, we look at how cells, genes and gut microbe populations respond to the diet. We see nutrition from nature’s point of view. Blueprint has been scientifically formulated to target animal health and performance at the cellular level and build upon the genetic potential at each stage of an animal’s lifecycle. Too often we focus on ‘least cost’ and the animal never gets the opportunity to reach its genetic potential. Feeding an animal exactly what it needs, all the way down to the cellular level, will result in better health, increased performance and improved profitability.

The Blueprint product range is designed to focus on all stages of life, from prenatal development through to market, while also looking after the well-being of breeding stock. Our experts will work with you to implement the Blueprint Nutrition program as well as monitor its success and overall return on investment. Our initial on-farm work has been outstanding, and we expect these products to become the premium standard in Australia, Blueprint leverages science to improve performance and profitability.

If you would like to find out how Alltech Lienert can help you close the gap between where your production is and where you want it to be, contact us on 1800 649 231.