Services Provided

Feed formulation

This is a complex activity involving the preparation of diets, which address the specific nutritional requirements of the stock within each enterprise. There are no standard formulas but rather customised formulations to match the genetics, sex, weight ranges and market aim of the stock employed as well as the facilities, health status and production system peculiar to individual operations. It involves fine-tuning based on production feedback, seasonal conditions and variation in the nutritional composition of the feedstuffs employed.

The formulations are conducted using a sophisticated “FORMAT” computer software programme which not only optimises the nutrient profile of each diet but simultaneously optimises the utilisation of limited materials and ensures a trouble free continuity aspect between diets. Alltech Lienert Australia provides free nutritional advice and diet formulation to customers purchasing our Vitamin and Mineral premixes and supplements.

Feeding programs and expected performance

We also provide a comprehensive table of expected performance values and feed usage. This is broken down into a table of weights for age with corresponding growth rates, feed intakes and feed efficiency values. This provides a basic performance template created from knowledge of the operating variables at each farm. It provides the client with a yardstick of expected performance against which they can conduct spot checks. It also provides projections of expected feed use, expected production volumes and expected final market weight and age.

Ingredient usage breakdown

In addition to providing a diet formulation service, Alltech Lienert Australia also supplies clients with a projection of expected diet usage with a corresponding raw material explosion. This allows the producer to budget for and co-ordinate the supply of grains, protein meals and additives for a specific production period.

Raw material purchasing advice

The nutritional team at Alltech Lienert Australia can provide clients with comprehensive raw material purchasing advice encompassing the relative nutritional value of alternative feedstuffs, optimum combination of grains and protein meals, specific volumes of each required, minimum quality standard for each material, risk factors associated with out-of-spec. materials etc. Where necessary, various analyses can be arranged to help clarify the nutritive value of specific parcels of grain, protein meals, supplements or forage (e.g. protein, fat, fibre, carbohydrate and mineral assays and energy estimates for various animal species). This allows a more precise and meaningful differentiation of the materials available.

Pelleted feed customers

The nutritional team at Alltech Lienert Australia can provide pelleted feed customers a comprehensive and independent nutritional package. This service provides the customer with monthly formulations and associated reports on specifications designed to match the farm conditions.

On farm consultation

Occasional farm visits are conducted as required (and as part of the service) to gain a better understanding of the peculiarities of operations on individual farms e.g. Stock movement patterns, silo constraints, accommodation limits, feeder types etc. This allows the nutritional advice to be fine tuned to each farm by appreciating the complications and limitations. More frequent or comprehensive consultancy can be provided but will involve an additional negotiated consulting fee.

For information on choosing the best feeding and nutritional program for your business, contact our Alltech Lienert Australia Nutritional team.