Mycotoxin Management

Mycotoxin Management Your animals are your business. Protecting them is ours.

Safeguarding the health of your animals starts with the quality of your feed. Produced by molds, mycotoxins affect animal performance and producer profitability in a number of ways. Effective mycotoxin management is about seeing the whole challenge. From the farm to the feed mill and from risk assessment to feed management, the Alltech Mycotoxin Management program helps safeguard the health of your animals, the quality of your feed and the security of our food supply.

What are mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are natural substances produced by moulds and fungi. They are invisible, stable and toxic chemical compounds. Mycotoxins are common in the farm environment – surviving in many places and on many different types of feed sources. More than 500 different mycotoxins have been identified to date and most animal feedstuffs are likely to be contaminated with multiple mycotoxins. The growth of moulds, and mycotoxin production, are most encouraged by environmental conditions such as temperature (hot/cool) and moisture (wet/dry). However, mycotoxins can also be produced by moulds when other stress conditions occur to the host plant or the mould. Ever present in the farm environment and a potential threat to the productivity of even the best-run livestock production operations, mycotoxin contamination should now be on every feed producer and farmer’s radar.

Mycosorb® A+

Mycosorb® A+ includes a carbohydrate network from a specific yeast cell wall PLUS a specific heterotrophic algae. A proven broad spectrum mycotoxin binder, which tackles mycotoxin challenges as a whole, rather than dealing with individual mycotoxins. Alltech can assist with the 37+ testing program to detect and address the risks caused by over 37 mycotoxins to manage your mycotoxin challenge.

Mycosorb® A+ is suitable for use in: Dairy, beef, sheep, pig, poultry, equine, companion animals and aquaculture.

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