Protein Management

DEMPTM | OptisyncTM | De-Odorase®
The Alltech® Protein Management program provides a high-quality source of protein for your animals, giving them the nutrients they need to produce at their peak. This program makes your feed work harder, so your animals don’t have to.

Dietary Escape Microbial Protein, offers a high quality, traceable protein source. Revolutionary technology provides bypass form of “microbial” protein. Maintains milk production and fertility by more accurately meeting the cow’s amino acid requirements. DEMP allows for reformulation of the diet, to gain better protein utilisation. Product contains: Minimum 40% Crude Protein
For use in: Dairy and beef.

Optisync is a unique Non-protein Nitrogen (NPN) source that enables improved feed conversion through the provision of nitrogen for the rumen microbes. Feeding Optisync optimises microbial protein synthesis allowing for improved yields and better diet utilisation, rumen health and fermentation. 256% Equivalent Crude Protein from NPN | 41% Nitrogen
For use in: Dairy and beef.

De-Odorase is a true innovation based on extracts from the Yucca plant. An in-feed control agent for excess ammonia concentrations in livestock, De-Odorase forms part of a nutritional strategy to reduce the impact of ammonia on the health and productivity of livestock, as well as environmental air quality for confined animals.

For use in: pet, pigs, chickens, dairy, beef and aquaculture.

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