The vital importance of biosecurity is a continued and practiced consideration to all intensive livestock enterprises. Keeping animals healthy and disease free is vital to achieve well-being of staff, animals and production goals. Alltech Lienert are the exclusive Australian distributors of the world’s leading biosecurity products and we can offer expert advice on our range of products and programs to ensure your livestock stay healthy and disease free.

Housing disinfectant

  • Virkon™ S 2.5kg or 10kg
  • Ag Black Disinfectant 20ltr
  • Hyperox™ 5 or 20ltr
  • Fumagri® HA – Ultradiffusion technology

Bedding Conditioner

  • NaturClean 25kg

Detergent Cleaner

  • Biosolve™ HDD 5 or 20ltr
  • Biosolve™ E 20ltr


  • Signs
  • Footdips
  • Foamers

Suitable for organic farming
Virkon™ S is sustainably sourced. Its formulation has been reviewed and recognised as suitable for organic farming applications for the cleaning and disinfection of buildings.

In Australia, Virkon™ S has been approved as “suitable for organic farming” certification number 13180 by Australian Certified Organic (ACO).


We are dedicated to your farm’s Biosecurity needs with our own Biosecurity Business Manager, Michael Pritchard who is focused on supporting the industry against the threat of disease causing organisms.

Michael can be contacted on 0407 764 850 or via our friendly Customer Service Team on 1800 649 231.