Feed Efficiency

Yea-Sacc® | NuPro®

The Alltech® Feed Efficiency program supports your animals to help them achieve optimal health throughout their lifecycle, addressing nutritional issues including digestibility, diet flexibility, feed costs and overall performance.


Yea-Sacc is a live yeast culture based on Saccharomyces cerevisiae specifically selected for its influence on animal performance. With a large body of research clarifying its mode of action and performance responses, it allows for more milk efficiently without any compromise on fertility.

For use in: Dairy, beef, equine.


Nupro is a high quality, functional protein for young animals to maximise lifetime performance. Rich in Nucleotides, Amino Acids and Peptides; Glutamic Acid and Inositol enhance development, ensuring nutrient absorption, accelerating and improving calf performance.

For use in:  Pigs, poultry, ruminants, aquaculture, pets.

Usage:  NuPro is formulated and mixed into the feed or premix at the production/mill level.

For more information, contact: alltechaustralia@alltech.com or your local Alltech Lienert representative.