KEENAN Orbital Spreader

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The KEENAN Orbital Spreader is a heavy duty versatile muckspreader. It is capable of high work rates, with trouble-free spreading of a wide range of farm and commercial wastes. It delivers a uniform spread pattern up to 20 metres wide. Material is pushed to the front for discharge ensuring better weight transfer minimising soil compaction.

Machine Features

  • Upgraded rear pushing door - adjustment of pivot points and introduction of second hydraulic ram increases pushing power as spreading commences
  • Slurry door design - simple and fast operation with this maintenance free door that pivots upwards, using two hydraulic rams, allowing material to pass underneath
  • Wear plates - flywheel features bolt on hardened wear plates and hammer tips that are easily reversed or replaced
  • Revised spinner design - incorporating upgraded bearings and seals, this flush fitting disk with 3 paddles has been designed not to collect twines or plastic when spreading material
  • Greater spreading control - hydraulic flow valve provides even finer spreading control, with 40 incremental settings
  • Simplified hydraulic control - using sequence valve and manifold block to operate the side door, slurry door and rear pushing door, only 1 spool valve and 2 couplings are required on the tractor
  • Road speed - heavy-duty axle, increased braking efficiency and tyre specification allows the Orbital to travel at 25km/h on the road
  • Drive chain oil bath - gives increased chain life and eliminates routine maintenance of the drive system

Massive output and precision spreading

Large capacity. Even spread over 20 metres and short emptying time between 1.5 to 5 minutes

Suitable for all types of waste

Strawy muck, industrial sludge, farmyard & poultry manure

Accurate control

Variable speed of rear door gives full control and consistent application rates

Minimal ground compaction

The large wheels and weight transfer of materials from back axle to drawbar ensure minimal damage to ground

Reliable and easy to maintain

Heavy-duty single drive chain, hardened wear plates and parts in no contact with waste materials

Standard features

Slurry door, hydraulic brakes and electronic boast for faster load compaction

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