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KEENAN’s full range of machines are available as static units. These can be used as stand-alone machines or can form part of a feed kitchen (robotic, automatic or semi-automatic feeding systems) to mix TMR rations or animal bedding. Made-to-order and built from scratch at our in-house production facility, these static machines uphold the KEENAN philosophy of design simplicity, robust build quality and ease of use and maintenance.

Collaboration is key

The KEENAN team have a proven track record in delivering consistent results. The key to our success is working closely with each customer from day one to build a system that seamlessly integrates into their farm or business. We listen to each specific  need and tailor a solution to meet those needs.

Full control of the mixing process with the KEENAN Controller

The KEENAN Controller lists ingredients, loading order and weight, making it accurate and easy to use. It offer detailed insights into management data such as feed intake, dry matter content and FCE. It also helps ensure accurate stock-management through the ability to track ingredients and costs to ensure adequate stock levels at all times.

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