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KEENAN Truck Mounted Diet Feeders

Truck mounted diet feeders are increasingly popular in the market, where the operator is looking to feed-out large amounts at a faster pace. All KEENAN MechFiber machines can be supplied ready for truck mounting due to their high strength, durability and low loading height. The feeder body is supplied on a temporary chassis ready for mounting directly onto a truck.

Choice of Truck is Key

The most common pitfall in truck mounts is the under sizing of the truck and of the truck drive system. Buying exactly the right truck for the job will save a lot of money in the long run and ensure the whole system lives up to expectations.

Your KEENAN representative will have a detailed knowledge to help you select the correct truck and their advice will be essential in buying the most suitable one for your application. Truck mounts are quite straightforward once the basic guidelines are followed.


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