Agolin Ruminant

Providing eco-friendly solutions to support your production and sustainability goals.

As a global leader in animal nutrition, Alltech is proud to partner with companies that share its commitment to Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™. Alltech’s acquisition of a majority stake in Agolin is a step towards our Planet of Plenty™ purpose. Founded in 2006 in Switzerland, Agolin develops and produces nutritional solutions with a blend of essential oils that improve milk production and feed efficiency in beef and dairy cattle while helping support sustainability goals (Belanche, et al., 2020).

Agolin solutions are scientifically proven to optimise feed intake and performance, including milk and meat production. Produced through a proprietary process, Agolin’s blend of essential oils complements Alltech’s existing technologies. The synergistic use of our products leads to benefits that will further support farmers and ranchers in improving herd performance and profitability, and meeting their sustainability goals.

Partnering for profitability – and a Planet of Plenty™

Beef and dairy cattle are often targeted for their impact on the environment, specifically regarding methane emissions, but we know cattle can be part of the climate change solution. Along with helping producers support cattle performance, Alltech and Agolin can empower you to reach your climate commitments.

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