Alltech RapiRead®

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Having the right information at the right time is crucial for you to make the most effective mycotoxin control decisions. Connecting modern portable test devices with the latest mobile technology, Alltech Rapiread enables you to identify and analyze mycotoxin risk within minutes.

Alltech RAPIREAD® is the latest addition to our integrated system of tools that provide the ultimate protection from the threat of mycotoxins. Alltech RAPIREAD is a quick screening tool to quantify the mycotoxin risk, which can then be followed by an Alltech 37+® test if a more thorough analysis is required. Suitable for testing individual ingredients and forages, the system highlights real-time mycotoxin contamination on-farm or in the feed mill, providing prompt results and analysis to initiate a mycotoxin control plan. The benefits of using Alltech RAPIREAD:

  • Initial screening tool, quick response
  • Local testing here in Australia
  • Ability to test for 3 commonly found mycotoxins -DON, Aflatoxin and Zearalenone