Millpacks contain all the micro ingredients for a specific feed in one convenient pack. The concept of Millpacks involves purchasing the vitamins, trace minerals, salt, medications, amino acids, enzymes, additional calcium and phosphorus in a mixed pre-weighed bag. Each Millpack is designed to be diet specific to suit each farm’s unique circumstances. Farm conditions ie: mixer size, medications, number of feeding phases, raw material prices, grain types and protein levels, are considered in the development of the Millpacks.

The advantage of Millpacks is that they are simple and convenient to use. There is no requirement to have expensive equipment on farm, as the individual ingredients have been weighed and blended under tight quality control conditions in Alltech Lienert Australia’s manufacturing plant. Millpacks can be customised as required or come in a Unimix standard range which are highly cost effective.

The contents of the Millpacks are fully disclosed to the customer, which gives peace of mind in knowing precisely what is in each Millpack. Another sound reason to consider Millpacks is that bags of amino acids, medications, limestone etc, no longer have to be purchased and stored on farm, which saves time and wastage, and lowers stock levels. Enhanced blending integrity is targeted through the use of millpacks.

For more information on Unimix Millpacks, contact your Alltech Lienert Australia Sales Representative, our Customer Service Team on 08 8524 8150 or our Nutritional Team.