Alltech Lienert combines businesses of Alltech, KEENAN, Lienert and E-CO2

Alltech Lienert Australia unites innovative companies

Australia’s leading animal health and nutrition companies, Alltech Australia and Lienert Australia, will unite to form Alltech Lienert Australia Pty Ltd. as of Jan. 1, 2018. The current activities of KEENAN and Alltech E-CO2 in Australia, both of which are Alltech companies, will be conducted under Alltech Lienert Australia Pty Ltd. This union will align the offerings and services of both companies, simplify processes and procedures, and will ultimately enhance the quality of service to customers in Australia.

Alltech Lienert Australia Pty Ltd, located in Roseworthy, Australia, will continue to provide its range of quality Alltech products, services, nutrition programs and technologies throughout Australia.

“By uniting the companies, we will effectively be combining highly successful businesses in terms of resources and expertise, resulting in even better nutrition, health programs and services for our clients’ operations,” said Mark Peebles, Alltech Lienert Australia Pty Ltd general manager. “This move will allow our business to strengthen our nutritional technical support, as well as research and development, to bring new, innovative products to the market.

“Our team will be able to offer a wider range of products for our customers, with more localised nutrition support,” he continued. “Customers will now be able to order Alltech, Lienert, KEENAN and Alltech E-CO2 products from one company, receiving their order in one shipment and on one invoice. It will also provide clarity on our position in the market.”

Both Lienert Australia and Alltech are dedicated to bringing nutritional solutions to the farm and the food industry. For more than 40 years, Lienert Australia has manufactured, distributed and supplied ingredients, supplements and nutritional expertise to the livestock and feedstock industries in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. Their customers range from small family farms to integrated operations and commercial feed mills.

Alltech is a family owned company headquartered just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, USA, with a strong presence in all regions of the world. Previously represented by a distributor, Alltech has operated as a private company in Australia since 1997 and has been recognised within the continent for its nutritional innovations as well as its educational and philanthropic endeavours.

Existing customers of Alltech Australia and Lienert Australia will be able to access the same expertise and benefits as previously, and their contacts will remain the same.

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