Blueprint Sheep Natural: The next step forward in high performing animal nutrition

Blueprint Sheep Natural: The next step forward in high performing animal nutrition

Alltech Lienert Australia is an animal nutrition premix and supplement manufacturing company, with over 40 years’ experience. We provide customers with innovative, high-quality products and services, from feed formulation to the development of complete nutritional programs. Our team of qualified animal nutritionists design premixes and feed formulations tailored to meet customers’ specific requirements in a range of sectors, including livestock producers and commercial feed mills. Alltech Lienert Australia is backed by our parent company Alltech, a global leader in the animal health and nutrition industry. Alltech delivers smarter, more sustainable solutions for agriculture by developing innovative, scientific solutions for today’s biggest challenges in the animal feed industry. This ultimately results in better nutrition for consumers and a decreased environmental impact. 

One range of solutions that we offer is the Blueprint® Nutrition Program. Blueprint is the next step forward in high-performing animal nutrition. It is founded on the proven science that the form in which nutrients are delivered is just as important as the level of supplementation.

Available for both sheep and cattle, the products range from intensive feeding additives to paddock supplementation. The innovative range has been developed by unravelling the genetic codes of how nutrients interact within the cell of an animal. This process, known as nutrigenomics, evaluates these interactions and more easily identifies ways to optimise the overall performance and efficiency of the animal and therefore maximises profitability. Throughout the lifecycle of the animal, the Blueprint® program is designed to build on an animal’s genetic potential at each life stage.  

The latest solution to be released in the Blueprint range is Blueprint® Sheep 50 Natural. Focusing on grain assisting on pasture through to full feedlotting of lambs, this new product builds on the success of the Blueprint Sheep 50 Pellet, but with the added advantage of being anti-biotic free.

With increasing trends for more sustainable production and a reduction in the blanket use of antibiotics, Blueprint Sheep 50 Natural includes newly acquired technology from Alltech in the form of Agolin® essential oils, proven to optimise feed intake and performance, including milk and meat production. As a global leader in animal nutrition, Alltech is proud to partner with companies that share its commitment to Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™. The synergistic use of our products leads to benefits that will further support producers in improving herd and mob performance and profitability, and meeting their sustainability goals.   

In a recent feedlot trial with Blueprint Sheep 50 Natural, individual ADG, feed conversion, carcus and IMF data were collected. The trial showed Blueprint Sheep 50 Natural delivered better weight gain with improved feed efficiency and the lambs also showed greater resilience with no worm burden. Overall, Blueprint Sheep 50 Natural demonstrated performance and productivity benefits for the antibiotic-free lamb market.

It is important to note, that prior to starting any feedlot program, consistent management, high performance, genetics, environment, feed and water sources and the animal’s health status are important factors in driving successful production.

For more news and updates on how the Blueprint® Nutrition Program works or which product may be right for you, contact your local Alltech Lienert representative.