Blueprint® Sheep

Blueprint® is the next step forward in high-performing animal nutrition. It is founded on the proven science that the form in which nutrients are delivered is just as important as the level of supplementation.

The Blueprint nutrition program includes a product range designed to focus on all stages of life, from prenatal development through to market, while also looking after the well-being of breeding stock. Throughout the lifecycle of the animal, Blueprint is designed to build on its genetic potential at each life stage.

By expanding the nutrient profile to a wider range of functional forms and evaluating the patterns of how the form and time of nutrition interact in the animal’s cells, we can more easily identify ways to improve efficiency and performance linking them to profitability.

Our experts will work with you to implement the Blueprint Nutrition program as well as monitor its success and overall return on investment.

Blueprint Nutrition Program for Sheep:

In whitepapers from our technical experts, we look at maximising production and profitability by addressing FAQs and summer challenges, increasing conception and even utilising dry feed and stubble with the help of Blueprint.

Ewe nutrition is the key to joining success, and rams must be in the best condition possible. But don’t leave it until the last minute – preparations can begin 8 weeks prior to joining. Read our technical whitepaper with hints and tips on this topic.

Optimising Conception Rates

Grain assisting lambs over summer is a great way to maximise production and profitability. As with feedlotting, there are guidelines for best results. Our latest whitepaper addresses questions like: What grain should I feed? Can I feed wheat and triticale? Do I need to induct lambs onto grain? And more. It also covers the challenges you might face.

Grain Assisting Lambs

If you would like to find out how Alltech Lienert can help you close the gap between where your production is and where you want it to be, contact us on 1800 649 231.

*Note: Blueprint Sheep 50 Concentrate Pellet contains Bovatec/Lasalocid and therefore is not part of the antibiotic free program.