sheep and lambs grazing pasture

Late Gestation and Early Lactation Nutrition Management

Late gestation and early lactation are critical times for our stock, both sheep and cattle. With energy demands increasing exponentially late in gestation, coinciding with reduced intake capacity and therefore requiring more nutrient dense feeds to meet demands. As well as the increased requirement for energy, stock mineral demand increases, both in late gestation and certainly in early lactation.

  • High potassium (K) levels in green feed and supplementary feed available at this time of year interferes with the mobilisation of calcium and magnesium from bone reserves of our pregnant animals, nutrients required prior and post lambing/calving
  • Daily requirements of calcium and magnesium cannot be met from green feed and supplementary feeds alone in late gestation and early lactation.
  • Magnesium along with Vitamin D and phosphorus help improve the efficiency of calcium use, providing for a stronger, more viable lamb and ultimately improving animal performance
  • Magnesium and calcium play vital roles in muscle function and can assist during the birthing process
  • Magnesium can aid in reducing stress
  • Sufficient supply of minerals to our mature animals, ensures adequate levels are provided to our young stock via milk, reducing morbidity rates and improving the performance of valuable animals

We recommend supplementation with MidMag six weeks prior to lambing and through the lambing period to ensure a sufficient mineral status for the animal and to overcome deficiency challenges. Supplementation with MidMag will provide a full profile of macro and micro minerals, including a blend of our Bioplex® minerals, that may help minimise the incidence of deficiencies and maximise the overall health status of the animal.

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