Green feed can be lacking in nutritional value

Overcome livestock challenges this season: Supplement with Magnesium

Pasture and cereals are an inconsistent source of nutrients due to continuous changes in composition and availability, both of which can affect the supply of minerals to the animals. Dry matter intake of grazed pastures can vary quite considerably due to changes in weather conditions. Not only will this affect the supply of energy and protein to the animals but the mineral supply will also be reduced, which can lead to a number of metabolic disorders i.e. Grass Tetany and Milk Fever.

Magnesium is an essential mineral required for grazing animals due to the risk of the stock developing Grass Tetany which occurs predominately in winter and spring due to the following factors:
• High potassium – Reduced plant uptake of magnesium
• High nitrogen – Reduced magnesium absorption in the rumen
• Low fibre – Reduced retention of feed therefore lower absorption of magnesium
• Low sodium levels – Magnesium absorption is a sodium linked process in the rumen

Winter and Spring pastures may also be deficient in other important trace elements like copper, selenium, zinc, iodine, Vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus. Balancing the magnesium and calcium ratio to prevent Milk Fever is essential. Failure to supplement with these critical elements can result in poor conception rates, anoestrus, risk of metabolic disorders and a decline in growth rates, consequently resulting in economic losses.

Blueprint SuperMag (sheep and cattle) has been formulated to provide essential ingredients to:
• Reduce the risk of Grass Tetany
• Assist in reducing stress when transporting sheep and cattle
• Optimise performance on grazing cereals i.e. Oats
• Assist in yard weaning programs
• Assist in pre calving and lambing

Blueprint SuperMag is presented as a weatherproof, granulated loose lick available in a 25kg bag. Ideally provide one container per 25 head of cattle and one container per 50 head of sheep.

For further information, contact your Alltech Lienert Australia representative or your local rural reseller.
Further information on Alltech Lienert’s Blueprint Nutrition Program can be found here: Blueprint Nutrition Program