A young weaner lamb

Supplamins MidMag to assist weight gains during weaning

It is well established that Magnesium has a role in general metabolism as well as being involved in the maintenance of nervous function. Independent research in Australia has shown that supplementing the magnesium intakes of pregnant ewes results in a better metabolic state and optimal weight gain of lambs at 4 weeks of age (Meat & Livestock Australia, Making More from Sheep).

Weaning is one of the most stressful periods of time for a lamb and can adversely affect growth rate. The results from a locally conducted farm evaluation using a commercial Magnesium source – Supplamins MidMag, confirmed that access to an adequate Magnesium source pre and post weaning supports the optimal growth of lambs.


  • Trial conducted in the Mid North of South Australia.
  • Grazing cereal crops (grazing oats) pre and post weaning using cell grazing.
  • “MidMag” group allowed ad-lib access to Supplamins MidMag, straw and grazing oats
  • “Control” group allowed ad-lib access to straw and grazing oats.
  • Lambs electronically tagged and weighed 3 weeks prior to weaning, at weaning and 2 weeks post weaning.

Results are shown in the graphs below:

During the five week period the lambs consumed an average of 18g of Supplamins MidMag per day and despite the additional cost of feeding a Mg supplement (Supplamins MidMag), optimised growth rates at 5 weeks can give the producer a return on investment of more than 1:3.

Supplamins MidMag is available in a 25kg bag. For further information, contact your Alltech Lienert Australia representative or your local rural reseller.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Tru-test, Allflex, Gallagher and Landmark for their assistance with this trial. References: Making more from sheep, Procedure 10.4 Manage weaner’s for lifetime productivity www.makingmorefromsheep.com.au