three sheep in a feedlot

Lambs heading to the feedlot?

As producers shift their Autumn lambs into feedlots, the focus turns to producing a quality lamb meat product which meets market specifications, as efficiently as possible. Part of that efficiency results from using high quality and highly digestible feed ingredients in the feedlot. We have the results of a lamb feedlot trial, with 455 X-Bred Lambs using the Alltech Lienert Blueprint® program.

It is important to note, that prior to starting any feedlot program, consistent management, high performance, genetics, environment, feed and water sources and the animal’s health status are key factors in driving successful production. At Alltech Lienert, we have experienced staff and solutions to help across all facets of the feedlot process, as well as management guides to follow.

Prior to switching to the Blueprint® program, the feedlot was using a quality diet of barley, lupins and a concentrate pellet. When the Blueprint® program was introduced, several observations were made:

  • Maximised early weight gain and rumen development
  • Optimised growth rates and adjustment to grain through the introduction period
  • Live weight gains averaged 443g/head/day for the duration of the trial (including the introduction period)
  • Feed conversion of 3.5 : 1 and weights achieved ahead of time
  • 172 lambs sold off before day 35 (as reached target live weights of 55kg)
Day 0 -12
(introductory period)
No of headAv Weight Gain/DayTotal WeightFeed Intake
Day 13 – 21No of headAv Weight Gain/DayTotal WeightFeed Intake
Day 22 – 35No of head (top 172 lambs already sold off)Av Weight Gain/DayTotal WeightFeed Intake

The key to the success of this program was the inclusion of the Blueprint® Sheep technology. The program utilises nutritional solutions from Alltech® which may aid in minimising the incidences of acidosis and optimise energy from the ration to maximise feed efficiency and average daily gain.

Blueprint® Nutrition Program

The Blueprint® Nutrition Program is available for both sheep and cattle, with the products ranging from intensive feeding additives to paddock supplementation.

Blueprint® is the next step forward in high-performing animal nutrition. It is founded on the proven science that the form in which nutrients are delivered is just as important as the level of supplementation. Containing 100% organic trace minerals, with superior bioavailability supporting exceptional performance, reproduction and health. Throughout the lifecycle of the animal, the Blueprint® program is designed to build on an animal’s genetic potential at each life stage.  

For more news and updates on how the Blueprint® Nutrition Program works or which product may be right for you, click here or contact your local Alltech Lienert representative.